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Don't Buy
the Lie

Don't Buy the Lie

Who's saying what about meth?

Do they know what they're talking about?

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Meth with fentanyl is everywhere. So if the brain damage isn't enough, the fentanyl can kill you.

“So one hit should be OK?”

Don't buy it. No drug will get you hooked as fast as meth.

Meth changes the way the brain and body work

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Over time, meth blocks the ability to get happiness from anything else

“He said meth would give me an energy boost.”

Meth might give you a high. But the crash will leave you hurting.

Meth can make you feel:
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exhausted when not using

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jittery & anxious

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like bugs are crawling under your skin

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angry & aggressive

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uninterested in hobbies, work or other people

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sad &  hopeless

“They said their meth is safe.”

But they left out the warning about brain damage.

Warning: unknown dangerous ingredients may include fentanyl, which can easily lead to overdose & death

Meth & your body

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Pregnancy & children

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Child's brain development is slower

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Meth is hard to quit, but help is available.

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